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  • Aluminium Conductors (AAC) are manufactured as per IS: 398 (Part1)for power distribution.
  • All Aluminium Alloy Conductors (AAAC) as per IS :398 (Part IV) for power distribution
  • Aluminium conductors with Steel Reinforcement (ACSR) as per IS: 398 (Part II) for power distribution and transmission up to 61 strands.
  • Power cables (copper and aluminium) conductors up to 1100 volts and control cables /signaling cables (copper conductors up to 37 conductors) as per IS: 1554 with PVC insulation. These cables are used for railways, transmission lines.
  • Weather proof cables (aluminium conductor, PVC insulated single / multi core) for power service connection as per IS: 694 specifications
  • House wiring and flexible cables (copper conductor up to 128 strands) as per IS: 694 specifications( 1sq.mm,1.5sqmm,2.5sqmm,4sqmm,6sqmm and 10sq.mm PVC insulated(FRLS) single core copper wires up to 1100v.
  1. Aerial Bunched Cables up to the range of 11kv as per IS 14255 and IS 7098Part -II
  • XLPE LT/HT/UG Cables as per IS 7098 PART I and II.up to 11kv .

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